Would you like to have a deeper connection
with your child?

How does StoryTold work?
Stories strengthen your bond with your child,
as they enable both of you to share the same knowledge,
emotions and values. StoryTold helps you stay in your child's life.
Your child
Share your values, insights and experiences in the form of stories: either by writing them on your own, or by answering simple questions. Thanks to our reminders and hints, you'll always have ideas about what to write.
Help you write a gripping story, even if the last time you did it was in school. On top of it, we'll help you create a design for your story, step by step, that will get your child hooked.
Reads your story, which will be full of honest impressions and values. Special features will help you see how your child reads, and what exactly touches your kid the most.
Your bond gets stronger with every story.
Your child will get awesomely designed reading material.
You'll always have a great story to share.
How StoryTold helps you
to convey your experiences
Hints - you'll never be alone
Analyze your story - to make each story better
Story prompt - you'll always have a fresh topic
Future story - to send your story at the right time
Categories of your stories
STORIES: the category for serious subjects like friendship, feelings, people who had the biggest impact on you

MY OPINION: share your opinion on literally everything with your child: books, movies, music, articles, etc.

LIFEHACKS: a library of life hacks and how-to's that you can share with your child

SPARKS: the place for your hobbies and passions

MILESTONES: tell about something remarkable, the important events like: first day of school, first date, college graduation, wedding day, etc.

FUTURE STORIES: this section contains all the stories that will be sent to your child in the future, at the age that you choose

CURATED CONTENT: useful content to help you understand your children and minimize the generation gap
StoryTold helps you
to write your stories step by step
Push notifications
to help you with a cool story
Quote suggestions
every cool story starts with a quote
to feel the guidance from professional
Photo suggestions
to grab your child's attention
Chapter by chapter
to make it easier for you to write in small chunks
Smart question
to open up your child for a Frank conversation
How StoryTold helps you improve
your relationship with your child

Many parents read bedtime stories to their kids. Children grow up, but their love for fairy tales remains with them for years – and for most, for their whole life. It's been scientifically proven that children understand stories 76% better than mentoring and teachings that convey the same meaning. Even adults would rather listen to a story than pure facts and arguments.
Your personalized story, professionally designed by StoryTold, will help you raise your child, teach him or her your values, give them support when needed, inspire or simply entertain them. Your child will definitely appreciate your effort and honesty.
Storytelling can help you become a bigger part of your child's life, even if you have little time to spend with each other.
Do you doubt your ability to write a cool story?
We at StoryTold went through all these fears and doubts too.
We too understand that writing stories can be a true challenge.

To help you overcome doubts and cope with this challenge, we developed StoryTold – a service that helps preserve and strengthen the parent-child bond through storytelling.
The thought of writing stories causes you to feel rejection and disgust
You're overcome by despair and helplessness in front of a blank page or a blank computer screen
You are stopped by the fact that you don't know what topics might interest your child
You're worried you won't make time to write in your busy schedule
You don't have ideas on what to write about, or you worry that you'll quickly run out of ideas
You're worried that your child will get bored reading an emotionless text without colorful animations and pictures
You think you won't be able to learn to write stories
How do I install the app for my child?
Open the web version of the application and click «Settings» in the upper right corner. Submit your child's email address. We will send him/her a unique MagicLink generated just for your child. Click this link to download the app and sign in. We guarantee full safety and privacy without any complicated passwords. StoryTold works on Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Is it possible to sign up more than one child?
At the moment, it's possible to only communicate one-on-one. In future, we are planning to add a feature allowing to communicate with all your children one-on-one or at once. If you want to change or improve this feature, leave your comments in the feedback form, and we will try to include them in the development process.
Is it possible to sign up a second parent?
Right now, it's possible to only communicate with one parent. In the future, we are planning to add a feature allowing to communicate with both parents within a family. If you want to change or improve this feature, leave your comments in the feedback form, and we will try to include them in the development process.
How can I be sure that my child won't get any harmful or abusive content?
First of all, we are very conscious about the work we do, and pick the content responsibly. All articles and texts are meticulously edited by our contributors. Also, in the bottom of every story, there's the «Complaint» button in both parents' and children's accounts. You can report any content you find unsuitable, and we will take measures to solve the issue.
At what age can my children start using this app?
Our applications is designed to be used by children starting at the age of 6, or at the age when a child gets its first smartphone or tablet. However, many parents start writing and recording their stories for future, when their children are babies are still little, or even before they're born.
Are my stories secure and protected?
We protect our content with the help of encryption protocols and https. Moreover, your personal stories are connected with your personal data with a secret token. Even our own developers don't know what stories are connected to which email address.
However, for your peace of mind, we recommend not to mention sensitive information (like financial data or addresses) in your stories. We're sure you have so much more to tell your children!
How do I know whether or not my child reads my stories?
At the end of every week, we will send you an email reporting on your progress. This way, you'll see what stories your child already read, and which ones did he/she find the most exciting.
What will become of my stories after one year?
We can create a book of your stories, print it and send it to your address.
What parents are saying
father to 8-year-old
Simply the best writing app for parents on iOS. Covers everything from storytelling to research on parenting, and helps me communicate with my kids on a qualitatively different level. Slick UI/UX, too. Deserves to be on your homescreen.
father of two boys, 9 and 7
Storytold's Future Stories have been a big help! This feature helps me sit down and put my thoughts to paper right away. I don't have to wait for my kids to grow up to understand how much I love them! Storytold is becoming my go-to app for whenever I feel like writing.
father of 11-year-old
Before I joined StoryTold, I kept writing my thoughts and stories in a Gmail draft, which I was going to send to my daughter as a gift on her 16th birthday... Importing all my letters to Storytold was a no-brainer. This is my favorite app.
The StoryTold mission
Why we decided to start a Storytelling Project for Parents
Our mission is to increase the number of happy parents and children who always remain in contact despite any challenges and circumstances.
Our goal was to create an app; a parent helper and assistant, that would:
guarantee safety and privacy – no publicity involved, no ads, no pop-ups
offer face-to-face communication with no social networks in between
suggest different interfaces for parents and children
guarantee personal approach for every parent-child pair
provide motivation according to a personal plan
store information for centuries to come
We will consider our mission accomplished,
if you as a parent will be able to:
deepen your relationship with your child that's built on trust
guide your little one and teach him or her values using yourself as an example
preserve really significant bonding moments for both of you to remember
learn more about your child's interests
If you're ready to passionately put your heart into your most precious creation – your child,
then join 60,000 parents who have already been using StoryTold and sharing fascinating stories with their kids!
StoryTold is a service that has already helped thousands of parents and children improve and strengthen their mutual bond.
And will help you too.
Join us and begin to strengthen your relationship with your child today.
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