Why We Decided to Start a Project on Storytelling for Parents
The times they are a changin'

You must be thinking: why did these people decide to start yet another project for parents and children? There's plenty of them already. Somehow, you're right. The parent-child relationship is an ancient topic that's been discussed over and over again. The information is endless. But, as Bob Dylan says, the times are changin'. With Internet invading our lives, these changes are becoming faster than the speed of light. Old methods just don't work anymore. The generation gap is growing as fast as ever. It's getting more and more difficult for parents to handle their child's education without external help.

A group of parents banded together. Mothers and fathers of kids of different sexes, backgrounds and ages, with different situations:

  • Some have a career that doesn't offer them much time to spend with their child.
  • Some have to frequently travel, so there's a lot of Skyping involved.
  • Some are divorced but try to maintain a healthy relationship with their kids.
  • Some are afraid to be behind in terms of technology and interests.

So, as you can see every team member has a personal parent pain point. We decided that the time has come to offer some real help, to do something that's never been done before.

Our goal was to create an app, a parent helper and assistant, that would:
  • guarantee safety and privacy – no publicity involved
  • offer eye-to-eye communication with no social networks in between
  • suggest different interfaces for parents and children
  • be meaningful, avoiding worthless content and kitten videos
  • guarantee personal approach for every parent-child pair
  • provide motivation according to a personal plan
  • store information for decades to come

The key element of our project is storytelling for children as a way to personally share emotions and experiences. As a parent, you will be able to:

  • establish a relationship with your child that's built on trust
  • guide your little one and teach him or her values using yourself as an example
  • preserve really significant bonding moments for both of you to remember
  • learn more about your child's interests

Your child will get:
  • pure parental experience through memorable stories
  • the opportunity to speak and be heard
  • a design based on apps s/he already loves using

    However, don't just think that our application will work miracles, and after one month all your problems will be solved. The process of strengthening communication and (re)establishing a parent-child bond takes time. Our app is an assistant that's designed to guide you through the difficulties of bringing up a child in our modern world.

    If you're ready to passionately put your heart into your most precious of creations – your child, then join 6,000 of parents who have already decided not to wait, but take action!