7 Reasons Why Untangled Won't Help Your Relationship With Your Daughter
Like every parent, you want what's best for your kids. But are you sure that the book Untangled will give you answers to all of your questions?

We'd like to introduce you to our brainchild: an app called StoryTold. It's not a New York Times bestseller. Nor is The Washington Post writing about it – yet. But unlike Untangled, our app is a priceless collection of the best advice from an amazingly diverse group of contributors that will help children and parents of different backgrounds all around the world. And that includes you and your little ones!

So what makes a teeny-tiny app better than a whole book?
Let's see:

1. Only essential and valuable content instead of empty words.
Authors and publishers need to sell paper. The bigger the book, the better. And then you have to read it all. It's a waste your time searching for useful tips in a sea of words.

Storytold doesn't need to sell you paper. We want to save you time – time you can spend with your children. We get straight to the point. However, if you still want to read the book, we can send you a shorter version containing the essential thoughts and ideas.
2. Personalized recommendations instead of universal truths.
Books are written for an extremely wide audience of parents. But how can one and the same book help everyone? Generalized tips applied to particular cases sometimes do more harm than good.

Meanwhile, StoryTold is a solution custom-tailored for you. We make recommendations according to your personal profile.
3. Flexible content that adapts to generational changes and children's ages.
Children change fast. Today's generations are much different from previous ones. Recommendations and educational methods that worked when the child was 10, don't work two years later. And four years later, you'll be an old-school parent.

StoryTold takes into account your child's age from day one. This way, the app can grow together with your child. And we'll make sure all the content is up to date and aligns with the most recent scientific and psychological findings.
4. Learning by doing replaces theoretical knowledge.
Reading a lot doesn't mean books will help you apply your new knowledge in practice.

StoryTold means learning by doing. We want to help parents act. You can use our tips and see positive effects immediately.
5. Constant updates and new research.
In the modern world, everything changes and develops so fast that books just can't keep up. You can't change what's printed on paper.

StoryTold is an app that can be easily updated and adapted to the needs of the current generations of parents and children.
6. Mobility.
As noted above, publishers sell. They sell paper. And you probably don't want to carry around a book with gazillions of notes and search through it every time you have a question.

StoryTold can be always with you, since it lives inside your phone. Its helpful sections will help you find anything you need, in seconds.
7. Future planning.
We may be used to making notes on paper or in the book itself, but if you make a note for your future self or your child in 7 years, it will get lost. Or you'll simply forget about it.

Since it's a digital app, StoryTold can hold everything you want to tell your children in the future, securely. It ensures that your kids will get all your messages at a set time in future.