Master post-divorce parenting
Keep in touch with your kids through storytelling:
I've been divorced from last year, and since my wife got custody, I saw my son Kevin a couple of times a month, and all the other times we communicated via messengers. He's 9 now, and like all modern kids he enjoys all the latest technology, but to me all this is a darn nightmare. Calls get interrupted, the conversation history gets lost, ugh. It makes me anxious. I'm afraid to lose touch with my child. Sometimes I can't sleep at night, because I'm thinking about how I might lose him for good, and then he will forget me. Also, my wife has a new boyfriend, and I'm afraid my son will choose him over me.

But then a friend recommended to me StoryTold to communicate with my kid. I mean, people come together and later split up, but children suffer the most in the aftermath. And we have to make the separation as painless for them as possible.

So basically it's all about writing stories that stay with your kids for years. I never thought I'd be able to write so many stories! 30 stories in 2 months, how about that! And my son actually loves reading them and commenting them. The StoryTold folks did a really great job putting together prompts and tips for the stories – they really help.

And after a month, the anxiety was gone, I could breath freely again. Conversations with Kevin got easy and fun, and we're pretty much best pals now. We share a lot, and I love how close we are despite being apart.
John T., Divorced father
Keep in touch with your kids through storytelling
Efficient long-distance relationships are real

How StoryTold works

We provide an individual communication plan for you
Based on:
- your personality
- relationships with the child
- your expectations
You write a story on your notebook or smartphone
We help you with:
- story prompts
- hints and guiding questions
- story analysis
like Hemingway App
We make your story
"worth reading" for your child
- like Snapchat Discover Stories
- animated and fun
Watch 1-minute demo
Your child reads your story on iOS or Android
- discuss your story 1-on-1 in comments
- gamefication
- badges
Your relationships become better every day
- weekly progress reports
- new story prompts
- personal tips
No ads

No data collecting

Private - only you and your child