Maintain a trusting relationship with your child after the divorce
StoryTold brings fathers and children closer:
Thirty years ago I saw my father once a week, even though we lived together: me, mom and dad. Now it's apparently my turn. When I go to work, my kids are still asleep, when I come back, they're already in bed…

On weekends, we mostly talk about who washes the dishes and what new clothes the kids need for school. No time to just talk about things that are fun, about what bothers us, makes us sad or happy. I tried making notes so when Saturday comes I don't forget what I wanted to talk about with my girls, but it sounded non-sincere and quite awkward. And there's so much I wanted to say…

I remember how happy I was to have girls, so I can share all my girl stuff with them, tell them about my books from when I was little, share my love for knitting and traveling with them! Anyway, what really helped me was StoryTold – it's an app perfect for stuff like this. I may not always have the time to tell my stories in person, but it allows to write down all the stories you want to tell your kids, and if you can't write it on your own, they will help you. No messengers can compare to this one! I can't wait for them to add video-stories, this is going to be amazing! My girls will love it!
Amanda P, Mother of two
Keep in touch with your kids through storytelling
Efficient long-distance relationships are real
Keep in touch with your kids through storytelling
Efficient long-distance relationships are real

How StoryTold works

We provide an individual communication plan for you
Based on:
- your personality
- relationships with the child
- your expectations
You write a story on your notebook or smartphone
We help you with:
- story prompts
- hints and guiding questions
- story analysis
like Hemingway App
We make your story
"worth reading" for your child
- like Snapchat Discover Stories
- animated and fun
Watch 1-minute demo
Your child reads your story on iOS or Android
- discuss your story 1-on-1 in comments
- gamefication
- badges
Your relationships become better every day
- weekly progress reports
- new story prompts
- personal tips
No ads

No data collecting

Private - only you and your child