StoryTold Contributors
We understand how important it is to provide children with content that is both high-quality and safe. This is why our top priorities are:
Our content is curated and approved by dozens of contributors and editors before being published inside the app. It's not created by one person. It flows from a hive mind.
Each and every article is checked by the whole team. We make sure our materials don't contain harmful content. Our team consists of parents – and our kids use StoryTold, too. That's why we put our hearts and souls into it.
We put together a team of parents from different backgrounds to make sure we can account for as many opinions and social groups as possible.
Scientific fact
Along with common parents, psychologists and teachers control the content of the app.
Psychologist, PhD
Two children, wrote two books on communicating with children. They control the psychological aspect of the content.
Children's teacher
One child, 15+ years of teaching children between 6-16 years old. Controls the educational aspect of the content.
Mother of 5 adopted children
High income. Understands the problems of adopted children, as she herself was adopted.
Divorced father
His son has been living at the other end of the country for five years. Has experience in maintaining a successful and trusting long-distance relationship with a child.
Single mother of 2 daughters
Offers insight on the problems of fatherless children.
Father of four
Low income. Makes sure our content respects the rights of families that are less well-off, not just higher-income families.
Deaf-mute father of two
Brings input on family communication with handicapped family members.
Religious father of three
Takes care of the spiritual aspect of parenting.
Representative of a same-sex couple that has adopted a child
Represents the rights of same-sex couples and uses their experience to help others who are trying to adopt.
Trans teenager, 18 yo
Experienced bullying, coming out, (un)acceptance through society. Represents LGBTQ interests and helps parents with children who are going through similar phases.
Teenage girl, 18 yo
Used to be a troubled child. Represents the opinions of modern teenagers and provides firsthand information about their problems.