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One real story of Tim worth 1000 marketing buzzwords:
Maybe it's the way I grew up, but I just can't bring myself to talk about really personal stuff. Feelings, family relations, etc. In my family, no one ever spoke about one's feelings, mental state, or similar. Now I feel I'm bringing this fear of communication into my new family.

However, I'm totally fine with writing. Writing has an edit button. You can do your writing in peace and quiet, weigh out every word, take breaks to collect your thoughts. I don't feel the pressure of an immediate reaction of the person I'm addressing.

I was thinking that it would be nice if there was a way to somehow write down all I have to say for my kids to read. Letters are of course not that fun anymore, it has to be something technological. StoryTold turned out to be an app exactly how I imagined it! I write down stories, some they send to my kids right away, some will be sent in years to come (you can put in any date you want!).
Tim D., Father of two

How StoryTold works

We provide an individual communication plan for you
Based on:
- your personality
- relationships with the child
- your expectations
You write a story on your notebook or smartphone
We help you with:
- story prompts
- hints and guiding questions
- story analysis
like Hemingway App
We make your story
"worth reading" for your child
- like Snapchat Discover Stories
- animated and fun
Watch 1-minute demo
Your child reads your story on iOS or Android
- discuss your story 1-on-1 in comments
- gamefication
- badges
Your relationships become better every day
- weekly progress reports
- new story prompts
- personal tips
No ads

No data collecting

Private - only you and your child