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One real story of Mark worth 1000 marketing buzzwords:
So, like, two weeks ago, my 11yo son comes from school and says, "My friend Mike's dad writes him mad cool stories into this app and they kind of look like Snapchat Discover Stories! Mister Randy is so cool! He writes Mike stories about how when he was our age, he went out into the sea with his grandfather, and they caught a shark thiiiiis big! I bet you don't have cool stories like this to write about, huh?"

And at that very moment, I was like, "Challenge accepted!". A couple of clicks later, and my Parent Manifesto was done, and after another hour I had my first story. Every since then, I write stories every day. It's like a chain reaction: one story inspires or helps me remember another, and so on, and so on. Who's the cooler dad now, huh? It's all fun, of course, but I might have to ask him not to retell all of my stories in school haha.
Mark T., Father of 11yo son

How StoryTold works

We provide an individual communication plan for you
Based on:
- your personality
- relationships with the child
- your expectations
You write a story on your notebook or smartphone
We help you with:
- story prompts
- hints and guiding questions
- story analysis
like Hemingway App
We make your story
"worth reading" for your child
- like Snapchat Discover Stories
- animated and fun
Watch 1-minute demo
Your child reads your story on iOS or Android
- discuss your story 1-on-1 in comments
- gamefication
- badges
Your relationships become better every day
- weekly progress reports
- new story prompts
- personal tips
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