Divorce Changes Everything
How to Preserve a Deep Connection with Your Child Post-Divorce
Your child is who you love most.
Your child grows, absorbs your views and values.
They share their most precious thoughts and dreams with you.
Confide his or her secrets in you. They feel your soul.
Your job is to teach your child how to tell right from wrong, and how to be a decent human being.

You understand each other so well that sometimes only a glance is enough.

And then, in a fraction of a second, you lose this deep emotional connection.
Divorce is like a lightning that strikes and sets fire to whatever it hits.
You lose your family, and you lose the most precious thing in your life – your child.
    After a divorce, parent-child communication becomes more challenging.
    From now on, you only get to see your baby about two times a week.
    Maybe one more time on weekends, at best.

    You go to all of his games or all of her theater performances, but still…

    Your child becomes reserved, speaks only about general topics, answers questions only with a Yes or a No – or worse, with silence. You spend so little time with your kid it leads to nothing. You can't get a word out of your child.

    The truth is, kids don't always tell you about their emotions. They tend not to admit whether they're confused, angry, resentful, or hurt, or depressed. If they've never felt like this prior to their parents divorce, they may not even be able to name these emotions.

    As a result, their problems affect their behavior. They may act out, or on the contrary, tune inward in ways that you as a parent have never seen them do.
    It's not the miles that keep you and your child apart,
    it's lack of emotional connection
    But don't blame it on your wife. You're still your child's parent. And all children need their fathers. And despite everything, it is possible to remain a part of your child's life after divorce.

    Don't blame it on the distance between you. It's not the miles that keep you and your child apart, it's lack of emotional connection. Talk to your child. Don't just ask them about how school or training was. Ask about his or her feelings, interests, thoughts. Do it subtly, through stories, anecdotes, and with engaging questions. What would you do? What would you feel?
    Stay In Touch With Your Kids
    Call your child every other day to wish them a good morning or good night, just like you normally would if you were still living together. Let your child know that he or she is still the most important person in your life, and nothing can change that. However, don't be too eager. Leave some space for your child to miss you. ;)

    Learn your child's language. If your son loves computer games, install his favorites and play them together. Or suggest another game you can both play together. If your daughter loves novels and romance movies, well, you may just have to learn who Ryan Gosling is.

    Sadly, in a busy world like ours, it's not always possible to communicate in person as much as we'd like to. But don't give up! Here's a tip that might help. Try to record your stories using a simple app that will help you preserve a deep connection with your child and show him or her the real you.
    This App Helps You Tell Your Story
    Things get lost or broken, but a good story stays with them forever.
    A gripping emotional story is the best present that a parent can give a child. Things get lost or broken, but a good story stays with them forever. Because our memories make us who we are. To help you share, we developed StoryTold.

    StoryTold is an app developed especially for parents who want to forge this special link to their children. It helps them make memories together, even after a divorce.

    StoryTold is a little helper that helps you become a father, a real parent again. Cut the physical and emotional distance between you and your child.
    StoryTold values your privacy and makes sure your communication is safe and protected from third parties. This way, you can preserve your unique connection with your little one.

    With the help of our personalized prompts and suggestions, you can start writing stories for your child to read and to learn from. All the techniques we use are approved by psychologists and teachers. You can take advantage of them to become a better parent.

    By writing and sharing your stories, you can open up more easily, show your child your true personality, your values and passions. You can tell your child everything you couldn't or didn't have time to tell them before the divorce.
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