How to Convey Values
After a Divorce
Preserve your precious connection with your little one
Don't Let Your Kids Get Lost
In a world over flooded with information, children need guidance.

They need authority figures to lead the way.

They need parents they can trust and rely on.

After a divorce, some men fear that a new man in their ex-spouse's life will become that trusted authority figure. Alternatively, some children clam up after their father leaves, and refuse to let anyone tell them anything.

But even if you're divorced, you're still your children's father, and you have certain obligations. You have to show your kids that despite the changes in your relationship with your former spouse, they are still the most important people in your life. You have to pass on family values to them and help them stand on their own feet, no matter what.
    It may sound a bit terrifying, but parental authority nowadays is being greatly undermined. If you don't show your kids the right way, someone or something will do it for you:

    - Instagram or YouTube influencers
    - TV stars
    - brand advertising
    - or the always-deficient educational system.

    They will teach your child about life, what to aspire to, and what is good or bad – or worse, won't teach them anything at all.
    Work Hard to Grab Your Child's Attention
    One way to deal with it is to just sit there and see what happens. It may not be the best way to go, but some people teach their kids swimming by simply dropping them into the water. You can also pull yourself together, step up, and do something good for your child to leave a positive mark on your child's heart and mind.

    You'll have to work really hard to preserve the connection between you and your child, so brace yourself. You'll have to make your voice heard loud and clear. The informational noise in this world just might swallow you up. Especially if you're a divorced dad, you're barely there, and your kid spends 8 hours a day with a gadget in his or her hands. But with the right approach, you can do it.

    Many fathers have no idea how to communicate with their children, even if they are geographically close to them. They simply don't know how to convey their values and their worldview. Sadly, no one really teaches you that.
    communication is the key to everything. No problem can be solved if it's not communicated.
    Choose Your Values
    You can learn to convey values to your child in an efficient and fun way, even if you two communicate through gadgets more often than in person.
    But the truth is, kids absorb everything from the adults in their lives. Knowing this, some fathers, divorced or not, control their behavior too much, never leave parent mode and always wear some sort of mask, afraid to do something wrong.

    You don't have to be like them. Be real. Use your time with your child wisely. Think of exactly what you want your children to learn.

    • Teach them honesty. Encourage your kids to be honest by being truthful to them, too. Let your child speak truthfully to your ex and to other adults.

    • Teach them justice. To help children understand the real meaning of justice, parents should encourage them to take some action to remedy a wrong – like apologizing or offering help, or both.

    • Teach your kids determination. Avoid excessive praise and provide your children with honest feedback. Encourage them to take on a challenge, even if it's just to fight shyness and talk to other kids on the playground.

    • Teach them consideration. It's important that children think about other people's feelings and take them into account when making decisions.

    • And most importantly, teach your children love. Demonstrate your affection for your spouse, parents and other family members and friends. Of course, express your love to your child. Give your family hugs for no reason.
    It may seem harder to do for you as a divorced father, even if different co-parenting communication tools are supposed to help you with that. The truth is, you can learn to convey values to your child in an efficient and fun way, even if you two communicate through gadgets more often than in person.

    And since you communicate more often through gadgets, we would like to introduce you to a brand-new co-parenting app. We developed it based on our parenting experiences and those of thousands of parents from all around the world, using one simple method.
    The Perfect App for Divorced Fathers
    Actually, this method was discovered long ago. Storytelling has always been a great way to communicate your ideas to a child. In preliterate times, this was the only way to teach youngsters, by telling them stories. And as we all know, the most basic methods are the most reliable ones. If you tell your stories the right way, they will stay with your kids for life.
    Being parents ourselves, we fought for our children's attention for a long time, and we made great progress. We were blessed to share our knowledge and experience with fellow fathers. And we've come to the conclusion that recently divorced fathers were our most appreciative customers.
    As a divorced father, I need to maintain a healthy connection with my son as a key to our well-being. Storytold makes my stories look great on my son's phone, so we can share thoughts, discuss deep stuff or just fool around, and preserve our moments. Beautiful visualization of my stories and a super-useful app!
    John T., Divorced father
    Because of Storytold, I started writing stories 3 times a week after years of not doing anything creative.
    Mark T., Father of 11yo son
    If you're trying to be a good parent and you're interested in your child's future, Storytold is the best app. This app helped me change for the better, both as a parent and as a human being. A+
    Nick D., Father of 7yo
    To be honest, we didn't intend StoryTold to be just an app for divorced dads. We wanted our app to help build bridges in places where they seem to have burnt. We wanted to create a safe communication channel for parents and their little ones, even if they're far away from each other. A way for them to give each other virtual hugs.

    We didn't expect that StoryTold would have that much of an effect on communication between dads and their little ones.

    Where there used to be guilt and numb indifference, there's now deep-rooted trust and unbreakable connection, even post-divorce.

    And when our customers are happy, we're happy, too.

    Try StoryTold now, and remind your kids (and your ex!) about what an awesome and caring dad you can be – and that no matter how great the distance between you, you are always there for them with your wisdom, wit, and a word of advice for any situation.
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