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One real story of David worth 1000 marketing buzzwords:
I'm in real estate development, and I travel more than I'm at home. Obviously, I barely see my family and I miss them a lot. And I can't even begin to imagine how my kids miss me… Maybe the younger twins don't understand it yet, but my 12-year-old daughter takes it especially hard.

We can't really call each other or Skype, because either she's in class, when I have the time to talk, or I'm in a meeting when she calls. It's even worse when I travel to Europe, we keep missing each other's calls because of the time zone difference. Of course, we talk when I come home, but that's not enough. Whenever I come back, it's like she grew even more… Time flies, kids grow, precious moments are missed…

I tried many tricks to make our communication more exciting and meaningful, I even tried writing my daughter real letters on paper, but with all the flights and meetings, I failed to do it regularly. After another failed attempt to make it to the post office, a co-worker got me into this StoryTold thing, where you write stories for your kids to read, and you can even set up specific dates for the app to send your stories to your children. What a great idea, right? He also has a young daughter like me, and they use it all the time. Now I'm a trained champion of storytelling, using StoryTold prompts I write stories from my youth, for from all the cool places I visit, or we just tell each other about our day. I think in the past month we learned more about each other than in the past couple of years!
David R., Father of three

How StoryTold works

We provide an individual communication plan for you
Based on:
- your personality
- relationships with the child
- your expectations
You write a story on your notebook or smartphone
We help you with:
- story prompts
- hints and guiding questions
- story analysis
like Hemingway App
We make your story
"worth reading" for your child
- like Snapchat Discover Stories
- animated and fun
Watch 1-minute demo
Your child reads your story on iOS or Android
- discuss your story 1-on-1 in comments
- gamefication
- badges
Your relationships become better every day
- weekly progress reports
- new story prompts
- personal tips
No ads

No data collecting

Private - only you and your child