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Everybody knows that

stories are the best way to convey |

to your child

What will this course give you?
In this free course, we've gathered all the essential information needed to build a deeper connection with your child. No matter the circumstances.

No need to waste your time on dealing with tools, techniques, apps or storage. Through this course you will be guided step by step through this process and get the results you desire.

This course will teach you to convey values, ethics, morality and share your experience with your child.

Help your child know who you really are.

After the course, you'll get 7 awesome stories that will stay with your children forever.
Advantages of this course:
Free step by step guidance for fathers new to storytelling directly to your Inbox
Clear and understandable instructions that can be immediately applied in practice
Coaching by a real father
who has been there too

Course from a loving father

Why I made this course

I'm 49 years old and have 2yo son and 1yo daughter.
Initially, I gathered all of this information for myself to convey my own experiences to my young children. Over the years I collected a huge knowledge base, that will help any father to start.

I had to explore the huge amount of materials. I used these nuggets of wisdom to make course materials clear and exciting. I created a clear framework that will lead you step by step through the process of telling stories.

This course is full of hints and real-life examples.
What this course consists of?
All the necessary knowledge to begin storytelling
in 10 step by step lessons
Why tell stories
Discover the hidden benefits of storytelling
Where to write your stories
to safely store for generations to come
How to unlock the writing block
Not all of us are born writers
Age appropriate story
How to make your story more easily understood by your child
How to grab your child's attention
by implementing proven techniques
Stories for important moments in your child's life
Graduation, marriage, drivers license, first child born and many more
How to give a summary of an impactful book or movie
and not give away any of the surprises
How to get pleasure while telling your stories
from diving deep into your memories
Stories you don't want to tell
but you want your child to learn these lessons
The power of figurative language
to make your story fascinating and remembered for decades
How to write without putting pressure on your child
in order for your advice to be heard
Where to get inspiration for new stories
when you lack new ideas
How to make your storybook diverse
and not boring or drab
How the course works
You get 10 lessons in your Inbox
Each lesson consists of a video and full text version
(some people like to watch, some like to read)
Each lesson contains examples which help fully reveal the topic and unlock any writing blocks
You can choose either to get an email every 3 days or get the next lesson immediately by clicking the button
So, to be clear, what do you get by registering?
Let's review. You get:
10 custom lessons on building trusting relationships with your child
Step-by-step instructions on WHY, WHEN, HOW
Examples to enhance the learning process
Mobile-friendly to always be on hand
Lifetime access to the materials for each lesson
The expertise and advice of fathers who have successfully used these methods
What fathers are saying:
David Roberts, Father of two
I've tried using different approaches to write stories. The computer is not my strong side. This course explained everything step by step and was straightforward. It helped me to write my first 7 stories for my son. And I'm not going to stop!
Mark T., Father of 5yo son
Thanks to your course, I've started writing stories 3 times a week after years of not doing anything creative.
Nick D., Father of 6yo
If you're trying to be a better parent and you're interested in your child's future, this course is the best. It helped me change for the better, both as a parent and as a human being. A+
Bill, Father to a 4-year-old
I never thought that short stories could produce magic, but now my seeds of wisdom will be kept for generations.
Tom K., Father of 7yo
My daughter found Wikipedia on the Internet. The myth about the all-knowing daddy is over! Now the best hope to remain connected is through storytelling with the help of your course ;)
Jack, Father of 3yo
I love Evernote very much - 900 notes with 1000 words on average! I never thought I could generate so much content... It's like an external hard drive for my brain!
But recently I found a reason to write even more stories. I started to write for my 3yo son. Your course motivates me to write stories. It's not an empty page with a blinking cursor, but a huge guided help, making my stories "worth reading" for my son.

With Evernote I CAN write,
with this course I'm ACTUALLY WRITING
Build a deeper relationship with your child that's built on trust
Join 5,897 loving fathers
Son or Daughter?
Limited Time Offer. 100% Secure. We never share your email. Privacy Policy.
Deepen your relationship with your child that's built on trust
Join 5,897 loving fathers
Son or Daughter?
Limited Time Offer. 100% Secure. We never share your email. Privacy Policy.